Social Boost Review: Is It Really What It Claims To Be?

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Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted every program in this guide and believe they are the best for generating affiliate revenue. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

During my study on Social Boost, I came across a lot of articles like this. Fortunately, I was able to see through the haze and discover the truth about this growth instrument.

Although the service is popular, that does not imply that it is effective.

Is Social Boost able to assist you in growing your account? Is it a safe product to use?

You will find all the solutions you need in this review. This brief read will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

What is Social Boost?

A screenshot taken from Social Boost's website

As you may be aware, Social Boost is an Instagram growth service that claims to be organic. The service claims to engage with your target audience in order to increase the number of people who see your account.

Your growth is managed by a real person using a physical phone, according to the startup. This helps avoid your account from receiving a ban from Instagram. In a moment, I’ll expand on it.

Before I continue, I’d like to remind you that the moniker “Social Boost” appears on multiple websites. is the one I’m referring about today.

It appears that the corporation has expanded into a variety of industries. Although has the same logo as the previous site, it provides distinct services.

Their website has a professional and well-designed appearance. The business spends a lot of time and money refining its image. While there’s nothing wrong with it, I was curious as to whether they were indeed who they claimed to be.

What I discovered might surprise you!

Behind the glitzy exterior is the unpalatable truth: Social Boost isn’t as safe or effective as it claims to be. It’s almost like a glorified Instagram bot, in my opinion.

What made me believe it?

The absence of actual user reviews, as well as a few other findings that I’ll go over later.

Testimonials from their’satisfied customers’ abound, but they don’t appear to be entirely genuine. Negative reviews, on the other hand, are completely absent.

Every single one-star comment was reported by Social Boost on This indicates that the website is reviewing it and that you will not be able to see it. I don’t want to come across as harsh, but this reminds me of the Soviet era’s censorship of negative news.

Proceed to the next section if you want a more in-depth overview of this service.

How Does Social Boost Work?

According to the organisation, it is made up of marketing professionals who perform all of the work for you.

Every manager is allegedly given numerous iPhones, each of which serves a single client. The goal of this strategy is to make it appear as if you’re conducting the engagement from your phone. They also use VPNs and proxies to further fool Instagram’s algorithm.

If the foregoing is correct, they have a very sophisticated setup. What steps do they take, though?

Boost Social uses the follow/unfollow strategy to communicate with your target audience. The concept is as old as Instagram itself: you follow someone, and they follow you back. Why should you pay 59 dollars a month (beginning price) for something that isn’t revolutionary?

Boost Social’s ‘sophisticated targeting approaches’ hold the key. They claim to have a data scientist who looks over your weekly results. The data is then used to select the profiles that are most likely to follow you back.

Is that correct? We can’t be certain, but I have my doubts.

Social Boost Features

OK, I showed you a quick overview of Social Boost’s operations. Now, it’s time to take a closer look at its main features.

Instagram Follow/Unfollow

As I previously stated, the basis of Social Boost is the auto-follow IG feature. The programme tracks accounts that are relevant to your specialty in the hopes of getting them to follow you back. If they don’t, the app will unfollow them after a certain amount of time.

Automated activities like these are a red flag. Instagram can detect them and prevent you from taking action. Normally, I’d advise you to stay away from it right away. However, Social Boosts’ persuasive marketing persuaded me to conduct further investigation.

What’s my conclusion? As I had expected, it was dangerous.

I came across a couple customer reviews claiming that their account was flagged because they used Social Boost. The service’s promises about using modern and safe ways don’t appear to be totally genuine.

Targeting Options

With a little help from you, Social Boost strives to pinpoint your perfect audience. They only provide two factors – location and gender – so it’s unclear which ones they utilise. Aside from that, there’s the manual targeting I mentioned before.

Isn’t all of this supposed to get you some genuine, interested followers?

Maybe. There’s no way to know for sure. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of those that aren’t relevant. Furthermore, I’ve seen complaints that claim Social Boost unfollowed people’s previous pals. They were, I suppose, the victims of strategic miscalculations.

24/7 Customer Support

The customer support is decent. It’s available via a live chat on their website, and it seems like they are there 24/7. 

Social Boost Pricing

As I previously stated, Social Boost’s services are not cheap. They have three monthly subscription options, the most affordable of which is $59. Take a peek at what they have to offer below:

social boost review - pricing

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Is Social Boost Legit?

I’m undecided about this.

On the one hand, they don’t appear to be total con artists. They aren’t fully honest about what they do, on the other hand.

It’s impossible to verify that they use manual engagement. They wouldn’t be able to manage many accounts that way, therefore it’s unlikely.

I’m also concerned about the fact that they’ve reported all of the 1-star ratings on Trustpilot. Isn’t it true that people don’t have the right to express themselves?

Of course, there are times when competitors trash criticise each other on review sites like this. There are, however, far too many nasty comments on the page. They couldn’t all have been authored by competitors of Social Boost.

Is Social Boost Safe?

I don’t think it’s completely risky, but I wouldn’t use it either.

There have been instances where people’s accounts have been flagged as a result of using Social Boost. I’ve also read customer complaints about being ignored when they requested a refund.



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